Performance you can rely on

PrenatalSAFE® Karyo has the lowest reported test failure rate (<0.2%)

*Fiorentino et al., ESHG conference 2016; ISPD Conference 2016

PPV: Positive Predictive Value; NPV: Negative Predictive Value; SCA: Sex Chromosomes Aneuploidy. CNV: Copy Number Variation * Fiorentino et al. Pren Diagn 2017;37:593-601.

Test failures matter in NIPT, as they increase the risk of false negative and false positive results. There is the potential to increase false negative results if no action is taken following a test failure. A higher rate of aneuploidy in test failure samples also means that there is potentially increased invasive test utilisation for those returning a “high risk” result with other testing modalities.

Test failures also lead to increased turnaround times and clinician visits, with high failure rates demonstrated for redraws from these patients. The PrenatalSAFE®Karyo test offers very low (0.2%) published and commercial non-reportable rates for trisomies 13, 18, and 21 (Fiorentino, 2017).